Vehicle fleet risk management

Our fleet risk management service can be tailored to suit your individual requirements

More than 25% of all UK road traffic incidents involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time of the incident (Department for Transport figures). Health and safety laws apply in the same way to work activities on the road just as they do to other more obvious work-related activities. Does your business manage the risks to your vehicle fleet drivers? You have a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangements to manage health and safety across all aspects of your business.

At A P Safe Transport, we pride ourselves in helping businesses reduce their risks on UK roads. Our personalised service features manager training, in-vehicle driver awareness training, classroom and/or webinar training, fleet risk audits and consultancy. We aim to give you everything you need to improve the safety and well being of your drivers and other UK road users. Vehicle fleet risk management of work-related road safety results in many advantages for both employer and employee. Such as:

Fewer injuries to your vehicle fleet drivers

Reduction of your fleet driver-related ill health

Improved morale & less stress in your business

Fleet risk reviews

Do you know what risks your business currently faces by operating a fleet of vehicles on public roads in the UK? AP Safe Transport can assess specific risks faced by your organisation through its day-to-day vehicle fleet operation. By accurately identifying risks we will help you proactively manage your vehicle fleet’s overall safety record. This allows your risk management process to become targeted, costs effective and more meaningful, in turn reducing costly incidents within your vehicle fleet.

In house assessor training

A P Safe Transport can offer training to your senior and more experienced vehicle fleet managers or drivers to be capable of carrying our driver assessments in house. Our training course will provide your business with an internal resource which can be deployed during new staff interview and induction, post collision or simply to address your liability to assess the risks faced by your staff.

Vehicle fleet driver training

We are proud to be an approved provider to clients of QBE (Europe), AIG (Europe) and AXA insurance companies. All AP Safe Transport trainers are experienced and DSA Fleet registered.

Shunter training

This training is designed to ensure that any unqualified staff that move vehicles within your yards can operate safely and in compliance with HSE document HSG 136. The session can also include Banksman training if you use Banksmen when manoeuvring vehicles.

In-vehicle training

Our in-vehicle training is delivered in the client’s vehicles by our experienced and qualified driver trainers.
The sessions are normally 3.5 hours but this can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. We cater for a wide range of vehicles including cars, vans, large commercials and PCV.

Workshop training

Our fleet manager/driver training workshops are designed to highlight the risks presented by the operation of a vehicle fleet on public roads. The aim is to achieve effective fleet risk control by encouraging and training managers and drivers to fully appreciate the risks involved day-to-day whilst operating a vehicle fleet.

Post incident interview courses

These popular courses enable vehicle fleet supervisors to become highly effective at interviewing their drivers following a collision or road incident involving the concerned driver’s vehicle. These courses are excellent at reducing the repetition of other incidents and future claims.

We offer very competitive rates!