Collision Investigation

We offer a rapid response post collision investigation service. When accidents happen, learning from them is key to reduce the risk of them happening again.

A P Safe Transport has a team of highly experienced personnel ready and able to investigate any collisions your vehicle fleet may unfortunately become involved in. Prompt gathering of evidence is crucial in order to significantly lower insurance costs. It also enables vehicle fleet managers to accurately design interventions to effectively reduce the likelihood of repeat collisions and incidents.

Our team pride themselves on producing detailed reports that enable you and your insurance company to come to a timely and accurate opinion of fault, liability and corporate responsibility. We also offer collision investigation training outlined below.

Collision investigation training

A P Safe Transport’s collision investigation courses enable managers to fully understand the basic principles of Forensic Collision Investigation. On successful completion managers will be better equipped to make meaningful decisions regarding driver fault or non-fault in road collisions and incidents.

Post incident interview training

Our Post Incident Interview Training is specifically designed for vehicle fleet line managers or those who interview drivers following incidents and collisions on the road.

Our post incident interview training aims to control your insurance costs and vehicle risk.

We offer very competitive rates!