Rapid deployment of post collision investigation services

We have a team of experienced personnel waiting to investigate collisions your fleet may become involved in.  Fast evidence gathering can lead to significantly lower insurance costs, as well as enabling employers to accurately design interventions to reduce the likelihood of repeat collisions.

Our team will produce detailed reports enabling you, and your insurance company, to come to timely and accurate opinions as to fault, liability and corporate responsibility.

Foundation course in Collision Investigation

This is a 5 day course which enables attendees to understand the basic principles of Forensic Collision Investigation.  On successful completion students will also be better equipped to make meaningful decisions regarding driver “fault or “non fault” in road incidents.

If you have, or think you might have, an interest in Forensic Collision Investigation then this is the course for you!

Post Incident Interview Training

Designed for Fleet line managers, or anyone who interviews drivers following incidents on the road.  Aims of the course are to enable you to achieve lower fleet motor insurance claims and reduce your expenditure on vehicle related incidents.  This training will also show you how to encourage drivers to collect and record best evidence from the scene of a road traffic related incident.  Helping your insurance company to fight claims on your behalf really can lead to lower premiums…..or reduced increases!