We currently provide training to a wide variety of clients.

We are an approved provider of all of these services to clients of QBE (Europe), AIG (Europe) and AXA insurance companies.

In-vehicle training

Delivered in clients vehicles by our experienced, qualified trainers.  (All are experienced DSA Fleet registered trainers).

Normally 3.5 hour sessions, but other formats can be arranged to suit.

Cars, 3.5T, and anything larger can be catered for.


Our workshops are designed to highlight the risks presented by the operation of a vehicle fleet on public roads.

Effective fleet risk control can only be achieved when all parties concerned fully appreciate the risks involved.

Post Incident interview courses

These courses are becoming increasingly popular with our fleet clients.

They enable supervisors to more effectively interview drivers following collision or road incident involvement.

This facilitates the use of the correct interventions designed to avoid repetition of incidents or claims.